Choosing the Right Funeral for Your Loved One

03 Jul 2024

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Choosing the Right Funeral for Your Loved One

If you’ve recently lost a loved one, one way to find comfort during this difficult time is by planning their funeral. 

A funeral is a way to celebrate the departed, reflect on their life and come together in remembrance. However, choosing the right funeral for your loved one is a big responsibility and you might feel overwhelmed by the options available. 

To help you navigate this challenging period, the team at Lilley Funeral Directors has written this guide to the different types of funerals, so you can determine the most fitting tribute for your loved one.


Direct cremations

Current figures suggest that around 73% of all funerals are cremations. However, in recent years, direct cremations have been growing steadily in popularity. 

A traditional funeral isn’t suited to everyone and certain individuals may prefer something more straightforward with minimal fuss. A direct cremation is a simple send-off that is held without ceremony or attendees. Instead, the deceased will be taken directly to the crematorium, with their ashes to be collected at a later date. 

This allows you the opportunity to honour your loved one on your own terms at a later date, separating the practicalities of cremation from a personal goodbye. It’s also a more affordable option, making it an ideal choice for those who want to avoid the expense of a large funeral.

Traditional service

A traditional funeral is a ceremony that honours your loved one. While the structure can vary depending on your wishes, it will usually include floral tributes, music, readings and eulogies that celebrate their life and offer comfort to those left behind. 

When you choose a trusted funeral director, like the team here at Lilley Funeral Directors, we can work closely with you, tailoring every detail of the funeral service to ensure it embodies your loved one’s legacy.

Simple service

If your loved one would have preferred a more low-key ceremony, a simple funeral service is a quiet and intimate way to honour them. A simple service will still incorporate all the essential elements of a traditional funeral service, but for a lower cost and without any fuss or extravagance.

A simple funeral from Lilley Funeral Directors will also include the use of our chapel of rest, collection of your loved one, a coffin and provision of a hearse, so you can focus on saying goodbye and leave the organisation to us.

Bespoke funerals

If you’d like a funeral that is as unique as your loved one, a bespoke funeral ensures every last detail is customised to reflect their personality and celebrate their individuality. Guided by your loved one’s wishes rather than tradition, this thoughtful service will celebrate their life in their way.

From unconventional floral arrangements to horse-drawn hearses, the team here at Lilley Funeral Directors will always do their utmost to honour any special requests – we can even create themed funerals if you’d like the whole day to reflect a particular interest of your loved one.

Religious funerals

If faith was a large part of your loved one’s life, a religious funeral is perhaps the most appropriate way to honour them. 

The service will be held at a place of worship and led by a priest or religious leader, with certain elements – such as their preferred hymns, prayers, poems or religious passages – tailored to reflect their beliefs

Here at Lilley Funeral Directors, we can facilitate religious funerals for those of all faiths, cultures and religious backgrounds. Our premises can also be used for religious rituals, such as washing the deceased, and we’ll always respect your loved one’s religious customs and ensure their final goodbye is conducted with dignity and compassion.

Non-religious funerals

While many people associate funerals with religion, humanist funerals have become more commonplace and are a non-religious alternative for those who didn’t subscribe to a particular faith. 

The ceremony will be held in a neutral venue with no religious ties, and it’ll be led by a celebrant who will work closely with the deceased’s loved ones to create a service that is true to their beliefs.

A non-religious funeral isn’t bound by tradition or formality and you’re free to pay tribute in the most suitable way, whether that’s through sharing personal anecdotes, playing your loved one’s favourite music or creating photo displays that capture special memories.

No matter what kind of funeral you choose for your loved one, the team at Lilley Funeral Directors will tailor our services to meet your needs, handling your every request with sensitivity and compassion. Our family-owned firm operates across Dartford, Bexley, Crayford and the surrounding area – get in touch with our caring team to find out more.

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