What are Direct Cremations?

13 Mar 2024


Cremations are the most popular funeral option in the UK, with a recent survey showing that 73% of funerals in the country are cremations. 

The number of direct cremations has also grown in recent years, with more and more people opting for this low-key and cost-effective funeral choice. 

But what is a direct cremation?

In this article, we’ll take a look at this alternative funeral choice, examining what it involves and how it differs from more traditional options. 

What is a direct cremation?

Direct cremations, or simple cremations as they’re also known, are the perfect solution for those who want a funeral with minimal fuss. 

No ceremony takes place and they are not attended. Instead, the deceased is taken directly to the crematorium where they’ll be cremated without any kind of service taking place. Ashes can then be collected by loved ones who may choose to organise their own memorial at a later date.

Unlike traditional cremations, these no fuss cremations don’t have a set time or date, the deceased will not travel in a hearse and the body won’t be embalmed or specially dressed. Instead, the cremation can usually take place sooner after death compared with conventional options as there is no service to arrange.  

Why are direct cremations popular?

Opting for a basic cremation has become a much more popular choice in recent years. This is because it offers numerous benefits including:

It’s cheaper

These days, the average funeral can cost in excess of £4,000 and many people are simply not comfortable with the idea of their loved ones having to part with this kind of money simply to say goodbye to them. With no ceremony taking place, choosing a direct cremation can cut the costs of a funeral by almost half. 

Fewer people are religious 

While still favoured by many people in all faiths, fewer and fewer people are opting for religious funerals.

In fact, fewer people in general now claim to have a religious belief or be a member of a particular faith. The most recent census, in 2021, revealed that 22million people in the UK (37%) stated that they have ‘no religion’, making this the second highest group after Christians (27million / 46.2%). This was the first time that the ‘no religion’ category was this high and it only looks set to grow with younger generations in particular most likely to not be religious. 

With this in mind, people are more likely to choose low-cost funerals, such as direct cremations, in order to forgo the cost and extravagance religious funerals often bring. 

You don’t want a ceremony 

As well as the costs involved in a traditional funeral, some people simply don’t want the fuss of people gathering to say goodbye to them. Funerals can be distressing, especially for the loved ones of the deceased. 

Instead, they will decide that an unattended cremation is their preferred choice to prevent their loved ones from having to go through the pain that a funeral can sometimes bring.   

They allow for personal alternatives 

No fuss cremations also allow people to organise a more personal and meaningful occasion, such as a memorial, at a later date. This can involve scattering the ashes or providing people with the opportunity to share memories of the deceased. Instead of taking place in a crematorium, funeral home or place of worship, this option offers greater freedom and the occasion can take place at a location that has greater meaning for the deceased or anywhere you choose. 

Is a direct cremation right for me?

There are a wide range of funeral packages out there, and whether or not a direct cremation is right for you will depend on several factors including budget and the wishes of the deceased.

However, if you do opt for a direct cremation, Lilley Funeral Directors is here to help.

We provide leading direct cremations to families throughout Bexley, Crayford, Dartford and throughout Kent, including Sidcup, Ebbsfleet and Eirth

Our direct cremation services include:

  • A basic coffin
  • The crematorium fee
  • Collection of your loved one (within 20 miles)
  • Delivery of ashes 
  • Transportation in a private ambulance 
  • And much more

To find out more about the direct cremations we offer, including our simple direct cremation or premium direct cremation package, or to enquire about our wide range of other funeral services and funeral packages, contact Lilley Funeral Directors today. 


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