What to do With Ashes After Cremation

14 May 2024


A cremation is one of the most common funeral choices in the UK, with people opting for the practice for all manner of reasons. 

This can include because it is often more cost-effective, for environmental reasons or simply because they don’t like the idea of a burial.

Another reason why people sometimes choose a cremation is because it allows the deceased’s loved ones to receive their ashes which they can then honour in a more personalised way. 

Cremation ashes ideas are extremely versatile and you can select an option that is most befitting of your loved one and their wishes. 

In this article, we’ll take a look at the different things you can do with funeral ashes after a cremation.

What to do with funeral ashes 

In most types of cremations, your loved one’s ashes will be returned to you to do with as you wish. 

There are a whole host of different options then open to you. While your dearly departed may have provided instructions regarding what they want to happen to their ashes, if this isn’t the case then here are a few ideas.

Scatter the ashes 

Perhaps the most common option people go for is scattering ashes.

Funeral ashes scattering provides you with much more choice when it comes to the location compared to funeral burials. This allows you to scatter your loved one’s ashes in a place that was meaningful to them or where you have fond memories together. 

People will often choose parks, beaches, forests and all kinds of outdoor areas to scatter the ashes. This then provides a place for flowers to be laid or where you can visit on future anniversaries or birthdays of your loved one.

Ashes can be scattered on your property or in public places without any special permission being needed. If you want to scatter ashes on private property, you’ll need written permission from the owner. 

Burial of ashes 

When thinking about burials as a funeral choice, people usually associate the practice with the burial of a whole body.

However, the burial of ashes is also a popular option. 

Funeral ashes containers or urns can be buried, providing people with a place to visit and pay their respects for years to come. Often, people will select a plot at a cemetery, churchyard or natural burial ground to bury the ashes, but sometimes people will decide to bury ashes on their own private property such as in a garden. 

A keepsake 

Sometimes, people may not feel comfortable immediately scattering or burying their loved one’s ashes and will simply want to keep them as a keepsake. 

It’s not uncommon to see people with a funeral ashes urn on their mantelpiece, and whether it’s because they’re not ready or simply haven’t yet got around to one of the other options, keeping ashes is a choice many people take.

Some people may even choose to scatter or bury some of the ashes, while keeping the rest close to them in an urn. 


Funeral ashes jewellery is an option that has become more popular in recent years.

There are many great companies out there offering memorial jewellery services that can incorporate your loved one’s ashes into necklaces, bracelets or rings. This is a great way to keep your loved one close to you or to create a stunning keepsake to honour them with.

Get a tattoo 

For the more quirky among us, some tattoo artists have even begun offering unique services that will see your loved one’s ashes mixed with tattoo ink that will be used to create a permanent memorial on your skin.

While having a tattoo to honour someone who has passed away is nothing new, this takes the practice one step further. You may have to make a special request to your chosen tattoo artist, however, or choose one of the few tattooists in the UK that advertise this as a service.


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