R. Gosh

29 Jun 2023

It can be really challenging to find a good honest funeral director that doesn’t over charge or bolt on services you do not require. Having significant event management experience I had already created an outline plan of the day. All I needed was a funeral director who was flexible with strong communication skills that could help me bring the day to life. Whilst the company had not organised that many funerals at the City of London Cemetery their personal service and attention to detail was exceptional. I particularly enjoyed working with Charlotte who was able to contribute to my outline plan and navigate her way around a particularly challenging cemetery office who were not very good at returning calls or messages. No task was too large or small as the company successfully removed my Mothers wedding ring returning it to me as a keepsake. They were also available to respond to calls, emails and Zoom meetings at short notice.

Hopefully it will be along time before I need to arrange another funeral but if I do I know exactly where to go. To sum up my experience, in a world where there are lots of jackals looking to take advantage of the purse strings of grieving families I am thankful to have found a hardworking honest family business that cares about the customers it serves.

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